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Negative Dental Effects of Chemo Can Be Avoided - Doctor Explains

The Portland, OR based Russell Teasdale DMD, doctor at Advanced Dental Arts NW, has found a way to ease patients concerns on the dental effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Teeth and gums are frequently affected when it comes to chemotherapy and radiotherapy but Dr. Russell Teasdale is sharing new insights with current dental patients.

“When our patients inform us that they are going to undergo such treatment, we urge them to have protective trays made to protect the gum tissues,” says the Doctor.

The protective trays are similar to whitening or bleaching trays – they are soft, pliable, and comfortable to wear. The wearer need only replenish the trays with a viscous liquid to minimize the effects of loss of natural saliva.

The result is that the patient’s teeth come out of the chemo or radiation treatment far healthier, and in many instances without negative effects dentally at all.

Advanced Dental Arts NW, is happy to offer this service to their patients.

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