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Negative Attention Is Still Positive

There's not many, but there are a few phony SEALs I shy away from. Not from being afraid of them for physical or legal reasons, it's because they want me to attack them and you NEVER win fights doing what the other guy wants you to do. All of us seek attention and most of us seek it in a positive way. Some guys
however, not getting attention in a positive way will seek it in a negative way as to them, negative attention is still attention. And they get off with guys writing posts and comments to them in capital letters and expletives with the worst remarks imaginable of what they think of that person and his phony claims.

One of these phonies is actually pretty creative and I kinda admire the endless ways he goads me into an Internet fight. My favorite is his regular posting of my telephone number on websites young girls frequent saying its Justin Biebers number and my phone rings constantly from admiring fans. They ask, "Who is this?" and I reply, It's the Biebster. I have fun with it asking the young ladies which of my songs is their favorite and would they sing a few lines. I now know most Justin Bieber songs word for word from the amount of singing they do.

Diane and I have been staying at nearby Sandbridge Beach for a few weeks. We're the only people I know who vacation at the beach in the winter but we get much work and planning done for this year's courses.
Plenty of interesting characters signing up for courses this year. I had a guy born without an arm contact me about the courses who was surprised when I said of course you can attend training here, and I'm excited to have him. A few days later an older man called and was surprised I said the same thing to him about attending as he'd lost both legs in Vietnam as a Ranger. Both do well with their Prosthetics and we're honored to have them.

I always talk to guys attending training here to make sure the course is a good fit and too date I have never not allowed a person to attend training here. Guys who have had challenges in their lives that most others haven't bring much to the course. All of them have shown much mettle and all have exceeded every

The first course of 2014 is the Combat Shooting Course in late March and the Advanced Course begins in late April. Don't delay in contacting us as the courses fill quickly, March is better than half-filled now and April is close to the same. The summer courses for June and July only have few seats left.
KICK SOME Butt!!!! - Don Shipley-Extreme SEAL Experience;
(757) 572-7203

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