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Need your help to Fix the Beer Cap

Need help to Fix the Beer Cap
Need help to Fix the Beer Cap
Don Else

Need your help, like RIGHT NOW, to Fix the Beer Cap.

Time for action, and this won't take long. The amended Fix the Beer Cap bill goes before the full committees in the House and Senate tomorrow. HB47, introduced by Rep. Ryan Haynes, goes before the House State committee tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. SB289, introduced by Sen. Bill Ketron, goes before the Senate State and Local committee at 10:30 a.m.

Please email the following members of the House State Committee (just cut and paste these email addresses into your email) with the Subject line of “Please support your local TN Brewers with a Yes on HB47.”

House State Government Committee;;;;;;;;;;;;

Please email the following members of the Senate State and Local Committee with the Subject line of “Please support your local TN Brewers with a Yes on SB289.”

Senate State and Local Committee;;;;;;;;

In the body of the message, please add the text from the Fix the Beer Cap facebook page, or this abbreviated version, or something similar as you see fit.

“The amended bills HB47 and SB289 represent a compromise between Tennessee's liqour stores, currently the only retail outlet for beer above 5%, and Tennessee's breweries and beer wholesalers. The compromise is also supported by the TN Wine and Spirits Retailers Association, the TN Craft Brewers Guild, the TN Malt Beverage Association, and the Convenience Store Association.

Passage of this bill would open up a new market for Tennessee brewers in a segment of the craft beer market that is rapidly growing, creating new investment and jobs here in Tennessee. Passage of this bill could greatly increase the selection of craft beers in Tennessee, keeping sales taxes here in our state, from consumers who would otherwise travel to neighboring states with a better beer selection.

I urge you to please support Tennessee brewers, retailers, and consumers by voting yes on HB47 or SB289. Thank you for your time, and your service to our state.”

The legislators, who generally support the bill, for some ridiculous reason don't want to tackle this issue the same year as the ridiculous wine in grocerry stores bill, which was basically a total hand off to local governments. The compromise Beer Cap bill is basically just tied to the wine in grocery stores bill by attaching it, which should have been done in the first place. It also will finally allow breweries to make high gravity beer on their brewers license. Not sure what the new Cap is going to be, but it won't even take effect until all this other stuff takes effect, which isn't for about two years. What a punt. Action by inaction, really, but it is finally almost there.

We, and by we I mean craft beer people mostly, need this to happen this year and the action needs to be pretty much right now. So, please, cut and paste a few minutes of your afternoon. Grassroots action, man!

Time for a pint. Cheers!

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