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Need to know: Trinsic faucet by Delta

The Trinsic comes in a very big box. $588
The Trinsic comes in a very big box. $588
Kenneth Fish

Home technology comes in all shapes and sizes, and this column aims to showcase the best and most interesting products for you to consider for your next home improvement project, gadget upgrade, or when you just feel the need to treat yourself to something nifty. Today’s need to know could easily fall into any or all of these categories. The Delta Trinsic is one of those nifty touch-controlled faucets that definitely has enough wow-factor built in to feel a bit gadget-like, and it looks like it could be quite the improvement over that old faucet that has been dying a slow death in that sink of yours.

The Delta Trinsic (9159T-DST) is a thoroughly modern, feature-rich single-handle, deck-mount, high-arc faucet with a two-function pull-down sprayer. Tucked away under the sink are all the bits that turn this handsome chrome faucet into a handsome chrome faucet that turns on and off with just a touch. This magic happens thanks to a battery-powered solenoid assembly and a few lengths of wire. All of this is integrated into the quick-connect supply lines that come as part of the faucet assembly.

Back up on the sunny side of the sink, this Touch20 technology means that for most faucet-related functions you can merely set the temperature and volume and forget about it until you need really hot water for doing dishes or really cold water to quench your thirst. As part of this technology, Touch20 will automatically shut off after four minutes if no activity is detected which could potentially save some water. Along that same vein, the Trinsic meets CalGreen standards for water efficiency which means a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute instead of the industry standard of 2.2.

The integrated sprayhead features Touch-Clean nubbins, Magnatite Docking, and provides a single aerated stream or powerful spray at the touch of a button. The nubbins, which are found on a number of Delta products are soft rubber tips through which water passes. After much use, these nubbins can get calcified and crusty, but since they are made of soft rubber, they can be quickly rubbed clean with the tip of a finger. The Magnatite Docking uses a powerful magnet to ensure that the sprayhead stays in place when not in use and only requires a gentle tug to pull it out. Nice design features, all.

Only time will tell how well the Trinsic, with all its high-tech gadgetry, performs. For that, you’ll have to tune in again for the results of the upcoming review. For more information about this or any of the fine products from Delta, click here.