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Need to know: Tideline Sport by Crocs

Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe $59.99 charcoal / sunshine
Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe $59.99 charcoal / sunshine
Kenneth Fish

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Crocs have appeared in this column numerous times in the past 5 years. From the time when the company was in the middle of avoiding irrelevance by branching out beyond the realm of quirky clogs to reviews of the work-horse Bistro and super casual Duet Scute. Crocs keeps appearing here because I happen to be a big fan, but also because they keep appearing on the shelves of the shoe store.

Crocs recently released a little something that is a hybrid of their now ubiquitous clogs and a pair of canvas loafers. Crocs calls this new creation the Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe, but I can’t help but think of them as cloafers. They’ve taken two of my favorite kinds of shoes and combined them into one somewhat sleek, surprisingly handsome cloafer.

The base of the Tideline is pure Crocs. It is made from the instantly recognizable Croslite foam material that put Crocs on the map a dozen years ago. The midsole of the shoe, as is the case with many of their clogs, is vented to provide maximum air circulation and to let water drain freely if both you and your cloafers end up in the drink. Up top, spanning the gap, is a slightly stiff and densely woven canvas that snatches this shoe from the clog category and places it squarely in loafer land. The combination is a little sporty and casual, and, depending on the colors chosen, could easily pass as a casual Friday kind of shoe.

For more information about the Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe (cloafer) from Crocs, click here. You’ll have to tune in a little later to see how the shoe performs in the real world on some real world feet.