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Need to know: Sol Republic Tracks AIR

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in regard to all the lovely wireless doodads on offer at your local doodad emporium, a whole new generation comes of age and takes over all the shelf space at said emporium. Despite being well aware of the fact that this happens on a regular basis, it did appear that the wireless speaker/headphone market had gone stagnant for a while. Pretty much everything reviewed in this here column was of very good to excellent quality, and functionality, so it was a little hard to imagine how the manufacturers of such devices were going to improve upon their wares. As with the recently reviewed Fugoo Tough, it looks like the folks at Sol Republic have figured out how to raise the Bluetooth bar, that’s why you need to know about the Sol Republic Tracks AIR.

Sol Republic TRACKS AIRWireless Headphones$199.99
Kenneth Fish

Founded in 2011, Sol Republic has made a big splash in the field of personal audio and it is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands out there today. After collaborating with Motorola on their Deck Bluetooth wireless speaker, Sol Republic soon thereafter released the Tracks AIR. ”We’re extremely excited that Sol Republic and Motorola were able to engineer a wireless headphone that’s affordable, looks great, sounds amazing, and is packed with the most advanced wireless technologies available that we think today’s always connected consumer will appreciate” said Kevin Lee, Sol Republic co-founder and CEO.


  • A2 Sound Engines deliver rich bass, clear mid and vocal tones, and bright highs
  • Sound Engines designed specifically for Bluetooth audio
  • Power efficient - 15 hours of battery life
  • Huge wireless range - 150 feet (5 x greater than other wireless headphones)
  • Hands-free telephone capability with dual microphone CrystalTalk™ technology
  • Interchangeable PowerTracks™ headbands
  • Wireless or wired operability
  • Dual-device connectivity

For more information about Sol Republic or the Tracks AIR headphones, click here. Sol Republic products are available at Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy, Guitar Center, and many more locations in San Francisco and across the Bay Area.

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