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Need to know: Sheex sleepwear

SHEEX Men's Lounge Pant$70
SHEEX Men's Lounge Pant$70
Kenneth Fish

Over in Home Technology-land, there is an article about some seriously fancy sheets from a company known as Sheex. In addition to their fancy sheets, or “performance bedding,” Sheex makes some sleepwear that is equally fancy. Let’s take a look at what makes these PJs so fancy, shall we?

SHEEX Men's Lounge Pant $70
These relaxed-fit jammies feature a full-length elastic drawstring inside a plush, rollover waistband to ensure a custom fit, roomy legs for freedom of movement and maximum comfort, as well as one of those tagless tags so you don’t get rubbed the wrong way. The material, much like the Sheex sheets, is made from the same kind of material found in much of the athletic clothing in the market today, and I must mention that this sort of fabric is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine. This blend of 82% polyester and 18% Spandex is designed to be super-soft to the touch, highly breathable, and quick drying, and, of course, great to sleep in.

SHEEX Men’s Tank $38
At first glance, this tank top pretty much looks like every other tank top you’ve ever seen, but it’s not. In fact, based on a quick look around the Internet, it looks like the Sheex Men’s Tank is in a class all by itself. Though it could easily be worn to the gym, or anywhere for that matter, the Sheex Men’s Tank is made with sleep in mind. The four-way stretch fabric is a blend of 84% polyester and 16% Spandex is, like the Lounge Pant mentioned above, designed to be soft, breathable, and quick drying, but that’s not all that sets this tank apart from all the rest. Instead of a single seam running down each flank, the Sheex Men’s Tank has a seamless side panel held in place by contoured, contrast, flat lock stitching. It also has a crew neck instead of the wide open scoop neck found on most tank tops. The end result is a handsome, semi-fitted look that would work just about anywhere, that is meant for the bedroom.

For more information about Sheex sleepwear, click here. Stay tuned for the forthcoming review of these two items coming up soon.

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