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Need to know: PantryChic launches Kickstarter campaign

Perfect measuring every time: PantryChic
Perfect measuring every time: PantryChic
Courtesy of PantryChic

Baking, whether we are talking about bread, cake, cookies, or whatever, is about to get significantly easier. As of today, July 28, 2014, PantryChic is accepting pledges to their Kickstarter campaign with an objective of taking the guesswork out of measuring dry ingredients and with the added benefit of getting those ingredients organized into airtight canisters for easy-stack storage. The PantryChic Store and Dispense System could be just the thing to simplify baking and eliminate the mess and clutter of bags, boxes, and bins in the cupboards.

If you like getting creative in the kitchen, but really dislike the hassle, mess, and potential inaccuracies of volumetric measuring, then the PantryChic is for you. Instead of messing with bags, scoops, measuring cups, and the rules concerning scooping, leveling, and pouring, PantryChic uses clear, airtight canisters and a dedicated dispenser and scale to keep your dry ingredients at the ready.. Each canister contains an RFID chip which can store over 50 pre-programmed ingredients to make sure what is being measured is being measured correctly every time. Cool.


  • Built in scale: Measures & converts with five units of measure from which to choose
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows users to access recipes through the PantryChic app which seamlessly connects to PantryChic’s ingredient dispensing system
  • Dispenser loads directly into mixing bowl
  • Rectangular canisters make for easy stacking & storage
  • Integrated traditional scale with tare feature can be used with the dispenser or by itself
  • Simplifies ingredient preparation
  • Minimizes clean up

For more information about PantryChic, click here. To make a pledge to the PantryChic Kickstarter campaign, click here. You can also check out PantryChic on Twitter and Facebook.

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