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Need to know: PACT Fall 2014

Part of the Fall line up available from PACT.
Part of the Fall line up available from PACT.
Kenneth Fish

It is high summer and it is high time you got acquainted with the new Fall line up at PACT. We’re talking prints and stripes, bold patterns and subtle accents. It is a collection that looks like it’ll be a hoot to wear (and a shame to cover up with clothes), and as with everything PACT has ever made a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause such as creating micro-loans for entrepreneurs in low-income communities, helping build urban gardens, sustainable housing, clean water sources, and all sorts of other great efforts to help others around the world. In addition to that, PACT now features a line of clothing that is Fair Trade Certified and is the first company to have Fair Trade baby clothes. All this means that when you buy any of their incredibly soft organic cotton Fair Trade goodies, part of the money you spend goes directly to a worker controlled fund and those workers spend that money to help improve their communities.

Change starts with your underwear
Kenneth Fish

Since it is now perfectly clear that buying stuff from PACT helps people around the world help themselves out of a bad situation, it is time to get into the specifics of what I am going on about. For some reason, writing about socks and underwear has become somewhat of a specialty for me, and writing about PACT socks and underwear is a total pleasure. PACT is constantly improving their products while simultaneously trying to figure out new ways to make the world a better place.

Saloon Print Trunk & Pioneer Stripe Boxer Brief

Though PACT rarely toots its own horn in regard to the improvements made to their products, someone (me) who has been wearing their skivvies since the very beginning can pick up on the differences right away. The main difference between these and their previous undies lies in the waistband. It feels more robust and less prone to succumbing to the pressure of the belly while remaining plush and comfortable. The new Saloon Print is a faded blue all over print that is vaguely floral and vaguely vintage looking on their grey 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane fabric. The Pioneer Stripe is a classic pinstripe jersey knit arrangement with a black background. These boxer briefs cover a bit more thigh than their Trunk cousins and feature a tradition brief-style fly for those who can figure that sort of thing out with a full bladder.

Navy Combine & Everyday Crew Socks

Though there seems to be no noticeable changes to the overall design of these socks, the new Combine knit pattern and subdued Navy color of the Everyday Crew are nice additions to PACT’s ever-changing line up. The Combine pattern is a basic trefoil design reminiscent of the Tamil Nadu Trademark symbol for cotton. The socks from this collection are a soft 85% organic cotton, 14% nylon, and 1% elastane. The Navy Everyday Crew Socks come in a two pack are a subdued hue to be sure and are made from 90% organic cotton, 7% nylon, and 3% elastane.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Fall 2014 line up by heading over to Don’t forget: Change starts with your underwear.