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Need to know: Muck Boot Arctic Sport

Arctic Sport by The Original Muck Boot Company $164.95
Arctic Sport by The Original Muck Boot Company $164.95
Kenneth Fish

Sometimes, getting up, getting out, and getting more active means encountering conditions that can be wet, cold, or both. While Governor Brown declares that California may be facing the worst drought it has ever seen since recordkeeping began around 100 years ago, the rest of the country is experiencing actual weather on a daily basis. So whether you live in a place that gets cold from time to time, or one that gets cold, wet, and nasty for six months of the year, you need to know about the Arctic Sport from The Original Muck Boot Company.

The opposite of cold and wet is, of course, warm and dry. Warm and dry is, of course, preferable to cold and wet. The Arctic Sport is designed to keep your feet both warm and dry.

On the inside, to keep the feet nice and warm, the Arctic Sport features a layer of arctic fleece. Just under that fleece is a layer of structured Airmesh that helps keep your toasty warm feet from getting too warm and your socks from getting soaked with sweat.

On the outside, Muck has assembled a few more layers to keep the elements at bay. The main part of the boot is made from CR (neoprene) covered with four-way stretch nylon. This, alone, is 100% waterproof, but, of course, Muck didn’t stop there. Where the rubber literally meets the road, there is a chunky and aggressive molded outsole. This outsole is designed for maximum protection and stability. From the EVA molded insole to just above the ankle is more rubber to help protect against abrasion and make sure everything is super, double, mega waterproof. The Original Muck Boot Company is serious about keeping your feet warm, dry, and protected.

For more information or to make a Muck Boot purchase, click here. Stay tuned to see if I can find any mud to play in and for the upcoming review of the Arctic Sport boots.