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Need to know: Dodge Boxer from Garcon Model

Dodge Boxer by Garçon Model $32
Why say grey and orange when you can day titanium and tangerine?
Dodge Boxer by Garçon Model $32 Why say grey and orange when you can day titanium and tangerine?
Kenneth Fish

If it seems like just last week you were reading about Garçon Model, it’s because you were, and for that I thank you. For Spring 2014, Garçon Model is on a roll. This crowdfunded line of high-zoot underpants, with its crisp, bright colors, and bold, almost metallic waistbands is a thing of underwear wonder (underwonder?).

Cover a little or cover a lot, Garçon Model does it with style.
Kenneth Fish

This week, instead of the hot pink and royal blue of the So:Be Trunk, the feast for the eyes is a slightly more subdued, but only just slightly. The titanium and tangerine Dodge Boxer, not to be confused with the Dodge Viper or Dodge Ram, provides a bit more thigh coverage than the So:Be Trunk, and the boxer cut is a bit more commodious. This, of course, provides a little more room for your viper or ram, which can be nice sometimes.

The Dodge Boxer, is made out of the same 82% nylon microfiber 18% elastane blend as the trunk which means that the intense colors of the Dodge won’t run or fade, and that it is going to provide the same form-hugging, junk-cuddling fit as the trunk but with just a little bit more material to fill. The waistband, with its boldly contrasting color combination can, when it inevitably shows itself above the pants that unfortunately cover it most of the time, definitely be a conversation starter. It should be noted, of course, that Garçon Model is not responsible for what happens once an underwear conversation gets going.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews of the Dodge Boxer and So:Be Trunk. For more information click here, or check out the Garçon Model Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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