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Need to know: Criquet button-downs

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Back in August of 2013, readers of this column crossed paths with Austin-based Criquet shirts. This mostly happened because 2013 was the year I became obsessed with polo shirts. Back then, polos were the only thing Criquet made and I proclaimed their short-sleeve “Players” shirt as “simply brilliant.” This is why it’s a big deal that Criquet has now expanded their product line to include button-downs. The potential for these shirts to be excellent is really good.

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Like the Criquet Players shirts, these classically-styled button-downs are made with 100% organic cotton. Unlike a lot of shirts of this ilk, the weave of these Oxfords is light and airy instead of densely packed and somewhat shiny, making them a bit more casual and fun rather than stuffy and dressy. This informal look has become a signature of Criquet shirts and it is something that I find completely appealing.

In addition to their signature look, these shirts feature a nice deep, pattern-matched pocket that’s big enough to accommodate actual things, and it is finished with a glossy white and chrome snap with the Criquet logo right in the middle of it. Hidden away along the bottom hem of the shirt is an interesting feature that is practically straight out of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” Criquet calls it “The Bendle Sleeve,” and it’s intent is as cute as it is functional. The Bendle Sleeve is an extra bit of cloth between the placket and hem that is meant to make it easier to crack open a twist off cap from a bottle of beer (click here to see what I’m talking about).

Check back in soon to see a review of these shirts. For more information about Criquet and their wares, click here.


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