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Need to know: Cold Brew Bottle from Primula

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The fatherly quest for the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t necessarily mean a hot, black beverage. Sometimes, this can mean a cold, black beverage, as well. That’s why you need to know about the Cold Brew Bottle from Primula.

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The Cold Brew Bottle is a simple solution for the age old problem of making a good, strong iced coffee without all the bitterness that can develop due to oxidation when hot brewing coffee for iced applications. Instead of starting hot and ending cold, the Cold Brew Bottle starts cold and stays cold throughout the entire brew cycle. All it takes is four tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee, 16 ounces of cool water, and 12 -24 hours of chill time with some gentle jostling from time to time to make a jug of mellow, nutty, and rich iced coffee.

The Cold Brew Bottle features a 20-ounce borosilicate glass bottle that is resistant to thermal shock. This bottle is open at both ends in order to accommodate the removable double layer stainless steel micro-filter in the base and the cap at the other end. To help keep the cold brew cold while on the go, Primula includes a black neoprene sleeve with a convenient carry strap. Since the Cold Brew Bottle is made of glass and stainless steel, it is, of course, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

If the Daddy in your life is an iced coffee aficionado or if you think he should be so you too can share in the dark delight, the Primula Cold Brew Bottle may be just the thing to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day. For more information or to make a purchase, click here.