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Need to know: Bootlegger by Portland General Store

BOOTLEGGER Cologne - vegan and organic$98.00
BOOTLEGGER Cologne - vegan and organic$98.00
Kenneth Fish

Moonshine, as some of you know, is a seriously potent form of alcohol usually distilled from corn (though I did run across a recipe that called for sweet horse feed). This high-test hooch is the stuff of legends, and purveyors of this illicit liquor, known as bootleggers since the 1880s, have kept the lore alive, with the word gaining national infamy with the implementation of the 18th Amendment which sought to eradicate the production and sale of all alcohol but instead gave birth to an underground illegal economy that still exists to this day.

So, why the history lesson? Back in 2010, a little company called Portland General Store (PGS) began producing an all-natural men’s cologne inspired by and named after this infamous illegal spirit. In 2013, however, PGS got dragged into a Texas court by the people who registered the word as their trademark with demands to stop selling it. In keeping with spirit of moonshine mythology, the folks at PGS decided it apropos to keep producing the cologne but to change the name of it to Bootlegger.

According to PGS, Bootlegger is “a deep oriental musk with hints of tangerine, nutmeg, saffron, and sandalwood” which sounds as delicious as it does beautifully fragrant. Bootlegger is a combination of “organic sugar cane alcohol, CO2, rare absolutes, attars and essential oils” and it is made by hand in small batches. Bootlegger is made in America in a state called Maine (I think it’s on the east coast).

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