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Need to know: Beardbrand

Anyone who has tried to grow a beard knows that there’s various stages one must go through in order for it to be that awesome thing for which was originally aspired. When it’s short and bristly, it can be a bit itchy, and a lot of people just throw in the towel right there. When it is a bit longer, it is entirely possible to experience a bit of the old beard dandruff since the face isn’t being scraped off everyday with a sharp metal implement. Once it’s is a few inches long, the hair can be damaged from sun, wind, too much exposure to soap, evil brushes or combs, and the list goes on. That’s why you need to know about Beardbrand and the products they make and carry.

Four Vices Beard Oil $29.99
Kenneth Fish
Four Vices Beard Oil & The Bass #126
Kenneth Fish

Beard oil is probably the best way to address almost all of the beard-related problems mentioned above. Until a friend of mine turned me onto the wonders of beard oil, my beard, which I’ve donned in some form or another for as long as I could grow one, would eventually start looking pretty feral at which point I would hack it all off and start all over again. Once I started using beard oil, though, that cycle has been broken.

The Products

Four Vices Beard Oil combines the four intoxicating scents of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis in a jojoba and argan oil base. Jojoba, an oil very similar to Sebum, an oil created by the human body, and argan, an oil rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants not only make for a light carrier of the blended scents, they also help replenish the natural oil (Sebum) that we wash off everyday in the shower. Massaging about a dime-size portion of these oils into your face fuzz everyday can help keep your beard from getting weird, and in the case of the Four Vices, make you smell sinfully delicious.

The Boar’s Hair Brush (#126) from Bass is a firm, all-natural brush that should stand up to any beard without tearing it to shreds. The handle is made from sustainable bamboo and the bristles are, of course, 100% boar bristle. This combination makes for a brush that is light in weight, and kind to beards of any length.

For more information about Beardbrand or its products, click here.

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