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Need to know: Basis Carbon Steel Edition

Carbon Steel EditionBasis Health Tracker$199Set up time.
Carbon Steel EditionBasis Health Tracker$199Set up time.
Kenneth Fish

It’s April. That means it’s time to start thinking about grads and dads. Those kids of yours have worked long and hard to get through four years of jumping through every hoop set up in front of them by whatever university (or high school) they happen to be attending, and now they are doing you proud by walking across a stage, accepting a diploma and moving on into the real world. Not much longer after that joyous occasion, the man who brought you into this world will be celebrated on Father’s Day, so, for the rest of this month I’ll do my best to share with you a selection of gift ideas for those special people in your life.

Number one on the list is an activity monitor from Basis. According to Basis the Carbon Steel Edition health monitor is the “world’s most advanced health monitor,” and based on its long list of features, I wouldn’t doubt it at all. On the underside of the band is an optical blood flow sensor that measures heartbeats per minute. Surrounding that sensor are sensors that measure skin temperature and perspiration rate, and on the inside the band contains a three-axis accelerometer to measure body movement and activity level.

The information gathered by these four sensors make it possible for the Basis applications (iOS, Android, and web-based) to analyze the data and make suggestions to help the user take small steps toward developing healthy habits. Through the constant gentle coaching provided by the application, these healthy habits slowly become part of the daily routine and maximize the potential of the user. These habits include better sleep through the analysis of REM, deep, and light sleep, plus toss and turn count, and sleep interruptions. Additionally, in-depth physiological data such as heart rate, skin temperature, rate of perspiration, and overall activity help the band adjust to provide motivational feedback to keep the habits going throughout every day the band is worn.

The body of the monitor is a combination of glossy thermoplastic polyurethane for the face, capacitive touch-pins for scrolling through the data stored onboard the band, and a PET/PBT backplate which houses the stainless steel temperature and perspiration sensors. Information is provided on the trans-reflective LCD display with electroluminescent backlighting that can turn on with just a flick of the wrist. The band is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that should last about four days and it can sync either through Bluetooth 2.1 or the included sync/charging cradle.

As you can imagine, there is much more information to be had at the Basis website. Stay tuned for the upcoming review of the Basis Carbon Steel Edition.