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Need to know again: Darn Tough Vermont

Three new arrivals from Darn Tough Vermont
Three new arrivals from Darn Tough Vermont
Kenneth Fish

Those familiar with this column are well aware of some of the obsessions that ultimately form its backbone. Shoes, big black boots, in particular, underwear, polo shirts, and socks all catch my eye. When I find really good examples of any of these things you, my faithful reader, will know about it. That’s why you need to know about Darn Tough Vermont, again.

Super socks from Darn Tough Vermont
Kenneth Fish

Previously, I broke down socks into two categories: Darn Tough, and all the rest. Looking back at that review, I can see how some of it may have come across as hyperbole, but I swear it wasn’t. To double check, we get to take a look at three more pairs of Darn Tough socks.

This time around, like last, three distinct styles were chosen in order to get a good idea of what’s what at Darn Tough, and here they are:

Rugby Mid-Calf Light $20

These tall and funky socks are made from light gauge Merino wool (63% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 4% Lycra Spandex) and are meant to ride pretty high up on the calf. The thin black and white stripes give way to a bold blue and orange band emblazoned with a Darn Tough banner that wraps around the calf. Features the Darn Tough True Seamless toe for maximum comfort.

Sasquatch Mid-Calf Light $20

Socks can be fun and these socks are exactly that. From mid-calf to the ankle there’s a Sasquatch, a tent, crossed paddles, three trees, and whimsy galore. Available in black and Swedish blue (see slideshow) and made from a fine gauge blend of 58% Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, and 4% Lycra Spandex.

Dynamite Stripe Crew Light Cushion $19

This is the gym sock reimagined. Two bright stripes top this not-so-standard-issue crew sock while contrasting lines delineate the various cleverly knit zones of each sock. There’s cushioning underfoot while they remain nice and thin across the top. The leg and cuff are ribbed for your pleasure and comfort. They are made from a blend of 54% Merino Wool, 40% Nylon, and 6% Lycra Spandex.

What makes Merino wool socks so darn nice? Merino fiber is five times finer than a human hair, this is what makes the socks feel so soft. Merino is also stain resistant and anti-microbial due to the outer layers of the fiber containing a high concentration of fatty acids and the internal layers possessing the ability to bind with acidic, basic, and sulphurous odors, which are the main components of body odor. Nice, right?

To learn more about Darn Tough, their lovely socks and the unconditional lifetime guarantee, click here.

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