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Need to catch up with Season 4 Episode 9 of "The Walking Dead" by tonight?

The Walking Dead presented by AMC.
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Local zombie fans, start your slow engines! Tonight at 9 p.m. AMC airs S4 (episode 9) of "The Walking Dead", a risk worthy storyline with a 5th season buzz just around the bend. Tales are found between each grotesque zombie takeover. Locals viewing "The Walking Dead" between Olympic commercials, beware! Some unexpected scenes have been known to "turn" viewers into watchers. A method to the well-written madness. Here is a recap of the first three seasons and the front eight episodes of S4 followed by a local "The Walking Dead" party idea.

Season 1 introduces Rick Grimes walking up from a coma, with a bloody wound, into a flesh eating zombie infestation. Rick is clueless as to what they are and what to do. He meets Morgan, a guy who saves Rick from a zombie attack on the street. Morgan and his son catches a lost Rick up to speed. Meanwhile, his son and wife are saved by his best friend and shacked up in a camp. Characters surface. Rick shows up to the camp. Later one loud mouthed guy, or a risk, ends up cuffed to a pipe after a series of events. When they went back for him his hand was cut off at the handcuff. Only his hand was found. Oh, and some camp members die.

Season 2 introduces a little girl named Sophia who ends up missing, Carl who is shot and a farm of unexpected prisoners. During the search for the little girl Carl gets shot accidentally by a hunting survivor. Rick carries Carl to a farm home run by Hershel, an intelligent man with a medical background. Camp Rick finds refuge at the farm, gets closer to the family. Shane, Rick's naughty best friend, attacks Rick. Rick and Carl shoot Shane, Rick in defense, Carl after Shane turned zombie. Tag team! Turns out Sophia was dead, in the barn, next to the farmhouse and not alone. Zombies stormed the farm, everyone scatters. Most end up at the meeting place. Oh, and some camp members die.

Season 3 highlight goes to birth in the worse setting possible. This season introduces a 'safe' prison for camp Rick, tales of Woodbury town survivors and their ruthless leader named the Governor - a man who could charm the rattle from a snake. Episode four shares a pregnant Lori, full term, giving birth by emergency c-section. Opened by a farmer's daughter, Lori dies. Carl, her son, is left to shoot her. The baby lives. Rick loses his mind. He finds chunks of meat on the floor when he goes back for Lori's body. Meanwhile, the Governor formed his town into a prison, yet people (and the sheep) have no idea. Everyone but the Beatrix Kiddo-Jack Sparrow sword slicing Michonne. Michonne later comes part of camp Rick after camp members are captured by one of Woodbury's top one handed soldiers - the same guy the group left cuffed on the roof that day. He joins camp Rick to be with his arrow shooting brother. Oh, and more camp members die.

But the baby is alright in prison. For a while.

Season 4 introduces the front 8 episodes. The Governor fights for the prison since it is the prime spot to keep out zombies and hoard supplies. Well, that was before the Governor lost his own mind within a vendetta against Michonne for stabbing him in the eye. The battle wages the war for the prison. The baby seat is found bloody - without baby (or body parts). Hey, we're still hoping! Okay, Hershel is beheaded by the Governor, zombies everywhere, and everyone spreads out from the prison and is forced into separate packs. Rick turns to his son and mentions for him to never look back. Oh, and more camp members die.

How are Rick and Carl going to survive and where did everybody else end up at? The world beyond the prison walls is nothing anyone wishes to endure as partially explained by the CDC episodes (season one).

Welcome to the back 8 episodes of S4 "The Walking Dead" (2014).

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Having a local party platter for "The Walking Dead" tonight is not out of the question. Rolled sliced meats and cheeses, black olives, white spread with crackers of oval shape can assist in creating quite the platter. Simply add the white spread on to the cracker and top with a black olive half slice (eyes). Use your imagination to create the platter of edible body parts. If you're going that extra mile use strawberry jam on cream cheese. "The Walking Dead" for more details.

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