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Need Some Inspiration?

Hasan Jamali

Finding inspiration for a short story can sometimes be difficult. Seventh Sanctum makes it easy. The website has a story generator. The generator provides “story ideas for challenges or whole new creations.” The website features other generators as well. Writers can use the site to generate character names or monster names.

One good link on the website is the writing link. The writing link contains a category labeled “Story Inspiration.” The Story Inspiration section features seven categories: envisioner, quick story ideas, quick story themes, romance stories, stories, symbolitron, what-if-inator and writing challenges. The envisioner helps writers “visualize classic stories and legends with a twist.” The quick-story idea generator provides “quick summaries to inspire stories.” The quick story theme generator provides themes for stories and settings. The romance story generator is pretty self explanatory. The symbolitron generator provides story ideas that have symbolism. The what-if-inator generates “random ‘what ifs’ to inspire stories and games.” The writing challenges features “challenges for writers - for fun, or to get inspiration.” Though the website has a variety of other generators, these specific generators are provided to help writers find story inspiration.

If you are a writer, feel free to check out the generators for ideas and if you aren’t a writer, feel free to check out the generators for fun.