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Need relationship advice? Get answers today!

Are you dating the person you’re going to marry? Or are you destined to meet someone new? Is your romantic love life heating up or chilling out? Life-altering questions deserve professional advice – and that’s exactly what Stacey Wolf offers. A professional psychic-medium and astrologer for over 20 years,

Stacey can create and interpret customized astrological charts as well as provide insight that will help guide important life decisions. By “tuning in”, Stacey is able to impart a psychic view of a person’s life and answer their most pressing questions.

Private consultations are arranged via her website and can include both astrological and psychic readings. Prepare your questions ahead of time; know what you want to ask and be as specific as possible. Free your mind and stay open to the advice given. Your spiritual guides are there to help move your life forward.

Stacey’s many books on astrological topics are tangible proof of her honed intuitive senses. In fact, she has developed a 5-minute video that teaches others how to be psychic! The video contains four easy steps that anyone, at any level, can master.

TV and radio show appearances include: The View, Beyond with James Van Praagh, Late Night with David Letterman, The Other Half, and ABC’s World News Now among many others.

Gift a reading for a friend

Once you experience a session with Stacey, you’ll want to pay it forward. Arrange a session for a friend for their birthday or to cheer them after a breakup.

Set up a session with Stacey

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Astrology Consultation

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Summer reading

Stacey Wolf is the author of:

Never Throw Rice at a Pisces, the first wedding planning guide for brides who like astrology

Psychic Living

Love Secrets of the Signs

Get Psychic

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