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Need more counter space in the bathroom? Try the Smart Tray

The Smart Tray
The Smart Tray

For some reason, bathrooms just never have enough counter space. If you do a lot of traveling whether for business or leisure, you know the conundrum you face when it's time to get ready in the morning. You have to constantly be walking back and forth from your nag to the bathroom to apply your makeup, shave, blow dry and/or straighten your hair etc. Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple and effective way you can take your morning ritual items to the bathroom with you all at one time and not have them scattered everywhere even in the sink?

Smart Tray® is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle-enhancing, safety-promoting, portable personal care product that turns a bathroom sink into expanded counter space!. Created by NFL Tennessee Titan football player, Bernard Pollard, is useful for adults and kids in bathrooms at home, in condos/apartments, in hotel rooms, in dorms room, etc., directly benefits home users as well as business and leisure travelers and college students. The Smart Tray is a portable lightweight foldout tray that fits over most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide additional surface area and counter space (up to 288 square inches). Unfolded, the Smart Tray measures 24” wide and 20” tall. The Smart Tray helps to alleviates and organizes the typical clutter that surrounds sinks by expanding usable space where you can place objects on it with the water running. Water running near an electrical item like a blow dryer or curling iron?! Yes! It's not a problem because the Smart Tray keeps you electronic devices and their cords out of the sink and away from water hazards.

Made just like a a food tray, the Smart Tray allows users to carry their items all together back and forth making it easier to store and pack your essentials and allows others to use an uncluttered sink. Because it's heat resistant you don't have to worry about burning it with a hot tool.

'Multi-purpose and multi-functional, the Smart Tray makes everyone happy,' notes product inventor and current NFL Pro/Tennessee Titan Bernard Pollard. 'Women love that they can keep more of their hair accessories, makeup and appliances at-hand and men love coming into a more organized, clutter-free bathroom where they can easily conduct their hygiene routine. College students who share sink space love the added surface area, and hospital in-patients can keep more of their critical items at hand and well within reach. Parents love that it helps keep kids safe from the many electric shock hazards in the bathroom. That kind of peace-of-mind is priceless.'

The Smart Tray was designed for use in use in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hotels, cruise ships and just about anywhere that bathroom counter space is limited. If you have a son or daughter in college, they know first hand the issues of a community bathroom and now with the Smart Tray they'll have everything they need at their fingertips. When not in use the Smart Tray can be stored in its very own personal drawstring bag. Even hospital patients can benefit from the Smart Tray.

To learn more about the Smart Tray please visit The Smart Tray comes in black and white and has a price tag of $39.99. Currently the Smart Tray is only available through online purchasing.