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‘Need for Speed Rivals’: Grand Tour walkthrough

The Grand Tour is the final speedlist assignment in the racer career in Need for Speed Rivals and can be a bit challenging without some guidance. With the video above and the article below, tackling the Grand Tour will be a breeze.

The most important part of this 27 mile long event are the repair shops. Racers should attempt to go into every possible shop they can see, even if it causes them to wreck before they enter. Cops’ vehicles are faster and stronger than racers’ vehicles so it’s crucial to always keep your vehicle in as best of shape as possible.

Next, it’s nearly just as important to select the proper Pursuit Tech. Be sure to put on the jammer because cops and fellow competitors will be shooting EMPs and hitting you with shockwaves constantly. The other slot is more flexible, but it may behoove you to either use the turbo or the electrostatic field (ESF) as those are the most useful.

Finally, select the car you want to race with. It doesn’t matter which car you use, within reason, as long as performance upgrades have been added to speed and durability.

With the tips that were just mentioned, along with an actual walkthrough video of it above, completing the Grand Tour event on Need for Speed Rivals won’t be a challenge at all.

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