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"Need for Speed" movie cars ready for action

The movie adaption of the popular video game “Need for Speed” will be released in March of 2014.

"Need for Speed" movie will feature plenty of cars and crashes.
Dreamworks Pictures

“Need for Speed” (N4S) is directed by Scott Waugh and stars Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman on the thrillingly-addictive “Breaking Bad” series). Yet we all know who the real star of this film is: the cars themselves.

And if the recent surge of go-fast films are any indication (think “Fast and Furious” franchise), N4S will most assuredly be a hit. With sequels soon to follow.

And why not? The official trailer gives us a glimpse (or should I say blur?) of the speed and ensuing carnage, an exciting mix more appropriate for a summer blockbuster than a ho-hum March release.

Yes, the cars are being filmed in real (fast) speed. Yes, there are some truly expensive rides on board. And, no, the million dollar exotics aren't being thrashed and trashed for no reason (now there’s a new series if I ever heard one).

Though I hate seeing cool classics getting totaled, I was relieved to find the official homepage had several videos giving away some car-building secrets and revealing behind-the-scenes posts on YouTube. Again, the exotics are mostly replicas. By comparison, Aaron Paul’s character Tobey Marshall, a mechanic who is framed and wants revenge, drives a relative bargain-priced Shelby GT500 (really a souped-up Mustang).

While there’s no doubt there there will be some camera trickery involved, you have to hand it to the production crew for trying to film most of the speed shots the good old fashioned way: strapping some cameras on the cars (literally) and getting after it.

To get your fix, here are some highlights on the N4S movie cars:

The following cars are featured in the N4S “Muscle Car Foundry” video:

’66 Pontiac LeMans
Not a GTO, as the taillights give it away. Suits me just fine so another GTO won’t be chopped and crashed. Still, any GM A-body is a keeper. You’ll see it racing the Torino through the tunnel, a visually stunning scene layered with color and speed shots.

‘68 Camaro
This first-gen pony car is seen in primer or a flat dark finish with racing stripes. Set off with factory Rally wheels, I’d take it all day long, as is.

’69 Ford Torino
Originally the Torino is shown in a metallic green color sans build (possibly original?). In the trailer, it’s a decidedly cooler blue color, and its sleek fastback profile looks killer and belongs in a movie like this.

’70 Chevelle
Silver with oversized dark wheels, a nice color combo. Really can’t go wrong with one of Chevrolet’s most beloved and classic designs.

The following cars are featured in the N4S “Supercar Showcase” segment, where 15 exotic cars are built in less than 6 months, according to the video:

GTA Spano
“As a sign of its exclusivity, only 99 models of this extraordinary supersports car will be built to order,”according to the official website. The replica looks awesome in yellow!

Swedish Koenigsegg
The Agera R model gets totaled, but relax… it’s a fake. Dubbed the hypercar, in 2011 it recorded a Guinness World Record of 21.19 seconds by going 0-300km/h then back to zero, according to the official Koenigsegg website.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
Said also to be wrecked in the film, the “new level Lambo” looks devilishly fast. From its power-to-weight-ratio, the website claims the Elemento will hit 62 MPH in only 2.5 seconds.

Saleen S7
Not your typical tweaked Mustang that is usually associated with Saleen, the S7 is a supercar onto itself. It’s the only Saleen model “produced not based on an existing chassis,” according to Wikipedia. No official homepage could be found featuring the S7.

McLaren P1
For a car that costs 1.5 million dollars, a replica was surely needed. Still, you get all the looks without the overwrought price tag. Billed as, “Intelligent, adaptive and blisteringly quick,” accordingly to the P1 homepage.

Bugatti Veyron
“A truly exceptional sports car,” according to the official site. The Veyron packs a 16-cylinder with 1,001 horsepower. And it’s four-wheel-drive!

For more information on Dreamworks Pictures’ “Need for Speed,” including the behind-the-scenes videos mentioned here, visit the official movie site:

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