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Need for goals!

Looking back from retirement: Goals

Goals set up a successful career, just as they set up successful projects.

These days it may seem difficult to think ahead 10 years since careers often change direction. Having said that, really successful people have a pretty good idea of where they are going, the milestones, and what it will take to get there. President Fox of Mexico likes to tell people about his start at the Coca Cola Company in Mexico. He worked driving a forklift and loading trucks. He set his goal to become the President of the company within 10 years. He accomplished it. He set his next goal to become President of Mexico.

People need to think carefully of the requirements, the probable politics, educational or training needs, even self-marketing, and then focus. If one is in a relationship, those goals will absolutely need to be discussed so partners know what they are supporting. One needs to aware of progress or lack thereof and adjust accordingly. It might mean taking a risk and moving away from a supervisor who may block the way or choosing out of a role that leads to a dead end. Some people do this naturally, others have to really work at it. Either way, it needs to be done or one will be cruising along wondering why someone else is moving ahead.

Yes, it may become obvious that the goals set are leading to a destination that may need to be changed. In that instance, reset them.

Regardless, virtually everything that has to do with organizing starts with goals. Goals focus effort, reduce wasted time, and get projects done. If you are not good at setting goals, then consider some training. It will be worth the money!

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