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Need an idea for a small business?

Need an idea for a small business?
Need an idea for a small business?
small biz today

Millions of Americans dream of working for themselves and enjoying a daily commute as simple as the walk from their bedroom to their in-home office.

But for many, if not most of these dreamers, the desire to start a small business is clearer than their idea for a small business.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of winning concepts awaiting the hard work of a budding entrepreneur.

This week, PayAnywhere, one of the largest and most trusted mobile payments solutions providers to U.S. small businesses, shared's list of the top ten small business ideas for 2014.

Among the potential home-run ideas are:


Business consultants analyze businesses, identify problems and implement solutions. To be competitive, you'll need to be an expert in a special subject. Think human resources, IT, inventory management - the possibilities are endless.

Web Design

In today's tech-savvy world, more and more businesses are realizing that DIY websites just won't cut it. And with mobile Internet usage set to overtake desktop usage by 2014, the do-it-yourselfers are going to have a hard time designing websites that are smartphone compatible. If you've got what it takes, web design can make for a satisfying career.


While royalty-free stock photo websites are taking a bite out of some photographers' profits, assignment photography is still big business. If you're skilled with a camera and have a mind for business, you can make serious money as a portrait, event, or wedding photographer.

Wedding Planner

If the rising number of guilty-pleasure wedding TV shows clogging cable channels is any indication, our nation's obsession with tying the knot is on the rise. If your organizational skills are top notch, you thrive under pressure, and you have a flair for putting together beautiful events, think about becoming a wedding planner.

Dog Walking

Consider this in-demand service if you enjoy working with dogs, know how to handle them, and are ready for an outdoor occupation. As with many businesses, it'll take some time to build a solid clientele and earn a steady income. Fortunately, dog walking requires little startup capital. Some of your biggest expenses will be legal advice and insurance.

Still need more inspiration? For more insight and additional small business ideas, click here.

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