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Need a to download software?


If you need to download freeware/shareware from the Internet it's a good idea to avoid using CNET's entirely. This site has been caught numerous times injecting spyware/malware into their software downloads without the knowledge of the software author or person downloading. Who needs unnecessary toolbars and other hijack programs installed unknowingly?

Back in 2011 they were caught by one software author bundling Trojans in their software downloads and again in 2012. Even this writer who has worked in the IT field for 20 years recently had their computer infected from a download from!

I suggest staying away from this download site and using more ethical sites such as Sourceforge, FileHippo, NiNite, Softpedia, Snapfiles or the software manufacturer's actual website.

Even if they aren't completely guilty of all the infestations shouldn't they know about the software they're serving up to Internet users?