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Need a Professional Dog Trainer that uses "Force Free" Methods? Now in Chandler!

Kathrine Breeen, Professional Dog Trainer
Kathrine Breeen, Professional Dog Trainer
Kathrine Breeden

Kathrine Breeden is A “Truly Dog Friendly” Trainer, Licensed by Victoria Stilwell from the TV Show on Animal Planet “It’s Me Or The Dog” – the First in Texas – and now in Phoenix, Arizona!

Kathrine moved to Chandler, Arizona last year. Happy clients, friends, veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, pet stores, boarding & daycare establishments, rescue groups and other dog trainers, in the Dallas Fort Worth area have been highly recommending Kathrine for many years and now she’s right here in Arizona!

Kathrine believes that the traditional methods of dog training using various forms of physical force and psychological abuse and intimidation are not only cruel and ineffective but hamper the development of the optimum relationship between dog and human.

If you’ve just got a new puppy or rescue dog or are having problems of any sort with your dog now is the time to CALL Kathrine! Her methods are affordable, effective and humane!

To visit Kathrine's Business Website please click here:

To call Kathrine to schedule your private dog Training Session please call: 1-972-345-7955

Thank you Kathrine for being a member of Az Pet Professionals! We are honored to have such an incredible, noteworthy member amongst us!

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