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Need a Lyft?

It's Friday night!! Thank God right? Many of us will be heading out to dinner and going out to clubs or parties with our friends and loved ones and many of us will drive. Let's face it this is Los Angeles and as much as Metro would like for us to believe taking public transportation isn't a smart and in some cases not even a safe way to travel. It's downright inconvenient and a complete hassle.

Lyft cars
Lyft cars
Louis "Kengi" Carr
sporty lyft ride
Louis "Kengi" Carr Photography

Furthermore the thought of calling a cab strikes fear in most of us. Most times cabs are not on time, not clean and the drivers more times than not are not friendly. Don't you hate when you try to pay with your credit card and the driver has some excuse as to why they can't, more like won't take your credit card? "Cash only please. I'll take you to the ATM" while they drive extra slow taking the longest route possible to run up the cost of the ride.

Why can't things be simple? Why can't your driver be friendly and have a clean car? Why the hell can't you pay with a credit card when it is plastered all over the cab? How come we can't know who our driver will be before we leave home? Why can't we get a FREE ride?

I'm sure you've been seeing these cars driving around with this bright pink mustache on the hood and wondered who that was and what was this all about. Well friends, that car with the pink mustache on the front is your answer to all the questions you've ever asked of a cab driver. It's far better than taking the bus and way more fun than taking a smelly overpriced cab. The service is called Lyft and they are "your friend with a car"

Lyft is based in San Francisco California and operates is several cites throughout the Unites States. You must have a smart phone to use the service and absolutely no currency is exchanged. You can sign up for free through the Lyft website using your social media network to sign in. Just like social media you create a profile with a picture and a billing option. When you need a ride, just open the app and request one. Not only will you get an approximate time of arrival, but a picture of your driver and the car they will be arriving in. There are several bonuses when getting a ride with Lyft the first is that your first right is FREE. That's right, your first ride is FREE.Now how cool is that? But that's not all you also get to sit up front, just like you do in your friends car AND you can rate the driver as well as leave a comment. But wait there's more!! Lyft even has Happy Hour rates.

Lyft is fast, friendly and cheaper than taking a cab, it's also much cleaner and the drivers are way cool. So instead of taking the bus or train and have to worry about leaving before the fun starts because the trains dont run all night or showing up very late. Before you do the really silly things of drinking and driving and before you simply sit home and do nothing check out Lyft. Your first ride is FREE

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