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Need a job? Want to help? Think Haiti

Paula Tarrant-Rivers.
Paula Tarrant-Rivers.
Carljohn Veraja

Having a long history serving the under-served, Paula Tarrant-Rivers, has taken up the issue of helping to rebuild Haiti and asks not only for donations but promises there will be paying jobs to fill in Haiti in the near future.
"At this point we are urging everyone to be as generous as possible when contributing to the Red Cross, the Bush/Clinton Foundation, etc," Tarrant-Rivers said. "Additionally, many of our local religious institutions support missionary work in Haiti and are also in need of monetary support."
Secretary of State Clinton has proposed a "needs assessment" to target resources most effectively in Haiti. Tarrant-Rivers believes Florida could partner with the Federal government in providing critical "first steps" in the long term support of  foreign nationals
Tarrant-Rivers believes intervention is necessary similar to what was done during 911 and Hurricane Katrina with cooperation from agencies and organizations with expertise in long term and short term service provision and she thinks some of the targets should be counseling, family reunification, housing and re-location, trauma and foster care/adoption.
Tarrant-Rivers also suggested allowing banks with a "glut of repossessed housing stock" to work with the government by exchanging vacant homes for tax incentives.
"This housing could be used in many ways," Tarrant-Rivers said. "Possibilities range from interim shelter for those individuals recovering from catastrophic injuries to the development of specialized group and respite homes for children and adolescents now orphaned in the aftermath of the earthquake. Out of work Haitian Americans could be re-trained to work with resource services making this a win-win situation."
In addition, as Affirmative Action Liaison for the Lee County Democrats, Tarrant-Rivers brings issues of concern of local minority communities to the notice of the Democratic Executive Committee. She has helped form coalitions to promote practices such as "Fair Redistricting" which will be on the 2010 ballot. Also, Tarrant-Rivers feels contributions of African Americans to Lee County have failed to receive their due recognition.
Below is some information Tarrant-Rivers provided for paid job opportunities for those willing to help rebuild the infrastructure in Haiti.
ACET, Inc. has received an immediate request to provide assistance to the
devastation from the recent earthquake that has befallen the nation of
Haiti . We are looking for anyone interested in going to Haiti to help for a
3- 6 month period. There are no particular skills sets defined at this
point, except the willingness to help wherever needed. We will be presenting
folks and highlighting their unique skills and trade qualifications, so if
the opportunity to help in your area exists - it will be noted and
presented. As you can well imagine, any skill that you may have - can be of
great help.
Typical skill sets needed:

Medical Personnel
Heavy Equipment Operators

THIS IS NOT A VOLUNTEER REQUEST - you will be paid for the work you do. This
is a temporary employment assignment that will include travel, expenses,
remuneration with an understanding that housing accommodations will be very
basic. All that is needed at this point is a passport or ability to obtain
one ASAP.

If you are seriously interested or know of someone who would be interested -
please email me back ASAP or forward this email, and I will provide more
details for you at that time.

This is a unique opportunity to make a difference to the people of Haiti !
Onekqua Beverly
Corporate Recruiter/Security Specialist
301-861-5023 (Office)
301-885-3100 (FAX)



  • JEMARQUS ARCHIE 5 years ago


  • JEMARQUS ARCHIE 5 years ago

    MY # IS 704-481-1968

  • bijaya koirala 5 years ago

    i wanna search the job in haiti coz i want to help from my salary monthly a few money for their people, i m from nepal i dont know what happens although i wish i will get a good responce.
    please can i get responce here

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