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Need a Change?? - Part I

Colors and Conditions

Waiting never brings about change so you need to be proactive and it also helps to be a little brave. The first step is to take and inventory of your assets and decide which one you will use to produce the changes you want.

Whether it be the color of your hair or the job you are in, dissatisfaction can breed contempt. Contempt can lead to hostility and hostility to depression, which can have a devasating effect on your health. So the second step is to identify what you are dissatisfied with.

Now if it's just the color of your hair that is causing your dissatisfaction, that's about the easiest thing to change. But if you don't want to chemically treat your hair, you can choose from a wide variety of hennas. I prefer to start with the most raw, unaltered henna I can find, so I use Rainbow Henna sold by Swanson Vitamins. This henna offers 100% botanical hair color and conditioner with no chemicals or preservatives. It coats each hair shaft with color and smooths the hair's cuticle for a great shine while it texturizes your hair and adds lots of body. Henna brings out the natural beauty of you hair without drastically changing it. This is the least expensive henna I found on the market and it comes with a little booklet to guide you through the instructions and natural additives you already have in your kitchen so you can add the effects you want to accomplish. Now this type of henna is a bit more messy but smells alot better than any other chemical hair dyes and also cannot cause any harm to your hair or scalp. What I like about it is that I can custom taylor the henna to produce whatever mood I am in and if I don't like the results, it washes out in 4 to 6 weeks.

If it's the job you are in that could use some changing, read on!


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