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Need a challenge try a Spin class

Use Revemaster Spin Bike
Use Revemaster Spin Bike
photo by Angela Whiteside

For those who want to add more to your fitness training, try a Spin class. Spinning is a class that uses a stationary bike in which several students besides yourself are in a room guided by a instructor who directs you in different positions using resistance. The class is fast pace and is set to various types of music to get you moving and your metabolism roaring.

What to look for in a Spin class

You should look for a qualified instructor because this class is very intense.Your instructor will should you how to set your bike before you begin. Your body has to be pretty much in condition to do this class. Depending on where you go, you can start off spinning 30 minutes and build up to a hour and a half. Look for a club that has a beginners class, if not you can always go at your own pace and build up. Spinning helps builds endurance and stamina. If possible, talk to the instructor before class begins and let him or her know you are just beginning. They will be glad to tell you what to expect from the class. When starting off, riding the seat can make you a bit sore if you are not use to riding a bike. So be prepared.

Spinning helps with weight loss

Spinning helps increase your metabolism. It can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. It gives the body a whole over all workout. This class helps lean and tone the legs and thighs. It also helps the abdomen core. When you add resistance and you are doing a climb, your core has to be stabilize. Spinning can help do that. This is a awesome class and a exhilarating class. With the proper diet, you can drop those pounds quickly.

Spin at a club or spin at home

For those who cannot afford spinning in a club due to budgeting finances. There are some other ways you can do this. You can check some of the health clubs or fitness suppliers to see if there are use spin bikes they would like to sell. Some clubs update to newer bikes.  Spin bikes prices brand new can run from $500 and up. So shop around. Again, if you can find a use spin bike, there are videos you can use and ride along with the instructor. Either way, you are getting a excellent work out at home when the time is convenient for you. Spin classes at health clubs are packed, and there are chances you may not get in the class because you have to sign in before entering the class due to the limitation of students.. Also if you are a bit intimidate by others, working out at home might be your best solution. There is the Johnny G spin bike which is a good starter bike for those starting out or if you are a spinning enthusiast, you can check the different brand names from Reebok to Revmaster. There is a spin bike for any budget. Give Spinning a try, what do you have to lose but weight!


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