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Neecys Necessities: Review

Neecys Necessities
Neecys Necessities
Neecys Necessities

Denise Jackson-Gunter of Neecys Necessities, AKA Neecy has been making soaps of every kind for the past six years. She did this with only one goal at the forefront of her mind. She wanted to offer up to the public a bar of soap of the highest standard and have it to be affordable, still.

Neecy has graciously sent over three bar samples along with a tube of watermelon lip butter, for our review. We love the lip butter. It smells great and rolls on smooth. There is no color disbursement, so guys can use it too and their lips will smell lovely! If a girl gets close enough, she might just quip, "Well, gee! Your lips smell lovely." She just might.

The soaps? These are the received soaps;

  • Emerald Isle Silk Soap
  • Fresh Lime Fizz Soap
  • Sweet Tea Silk Soap

They smell incredible! They are physically beautiful and they feel great on the skin. They also clean well. Did we mention that?

Neecys Necessities is not a store to be looked over. They are a store to buy from. We love these little bars of soap!

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