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Necropsy report states Texas dog shot in back of head by deputy

Necropsy report states Texas dog shot in back of head by deputy

An update has been posted on the shooting of a Texas dog, Facebook: Justice for Candy Middleton reported April 23.

This Examiner article covered the original tragic story of a Rains County resident being forced to strangle and drown his Blue Heeler after Rains County Deputy Jerred Dooley shot her.

Thanks to social media, Cole Middleton, Candy's owner, was advised to exhume her remains for a necropsy.

A necropsy was performed Wednesday by Kevin Bankston, D.V.M., who confirmed Cole's story that Candy was shot in the back of the head, with the bullet exiting her face.

Since Cole stated all along that Candy had been retreating at the time Deputy Dooley shot her in the back of the head, the necropsy was necessary to confirm his explanation of the tragedy.

In an interview with My Fox News, Deputy Dooley has repeatedly told his alleged untruths, stating

"I got it on dash cam man; your dog charged me."

Wednesday morning, Rains County Sheriff David Taylor allowed Middleton to watch the dash cam footage from the incident. The dash cam also confirms Cole's version of what happened to Candy.

Sheriff Taylor announced Wednesday that Dooley has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation. Animal advocates are demanding his removal from the Rains County Sheriff's Department, and have started an online petition here.

Information for contacting the Rains County Sheriff's Department is listed below

Phone: (903) 473-3181
Fax: (903) 473-3008
Police Department Address: 313 East North Street Emory, TX

Dooley being removed from his job may be in the best interests of residents served by the department. Sheriff Traylor has confirmed Dooley hasn't been trained in the use of a Taser.

It should be the responsibility of each officer to learn how to use weapons made available to keep an officer safe. Had Dooley been educated in a non-lethal form of defense, perhaps he'd have pulled the Taser instead of his gun, and Candy may still be alive.

Sheriff Traylor told Fox4 News that he regretted the tragedy.

Cole and his family are mourning the death of his faithful companion. They're thankful of the outpouring of support from the Facebook community. When hearing the results of the necropsy, Cole commented

"The Autopsy is in and the results are just like we've been saying!!! She was shot in the back if the head. The bullet exited the front of her face!!!"

Please feel free to leave a comment. Until police are trained in non-lethal methods of self defense, and held accountable for their actions, expect the tragedies of dogs shot by officers to continue.

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