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Neck Massage: Heal to Your Chronic Neck Pain!

Neck pain
Neck pain
Neck pain

Neck pain is a common problem that most of us suffer from and yet there seems to be no common cure for it. Although massage therapy is used to treat the pain yet there is very little research on this field. In a recent survey, 228 patients suffering from chronic neck pain were divided into 5 groups where they received different doses of massage for duration of 5 weeks. Over the course of 5 weeks, researchers discovered that as the dosage increased so did the relief factor.

The researchers found that those patients who received a 30 minute treatment twice or thrice a week did not register significant improvement. The changes were mild. On the contrary the other group that received neck massage treatment for 60 minutes duration twice or thrice weekly showed remarkable improvement in neck dysfunction and pain intensity compared to the previous group. On the whole the researchers concluded that the patients who received the massage treatment were not realizing the benefits of the treatment because the treatment duration was not right and hence the overall improvement was not that great.

But chronic neck pain is a serious issue. Until and unless it is properly treated it can lead to serious consequences which many of us are not aware of. In fact the pain can be so serious that it can lead to hair-raising economic costs of work absenteeism, but it may well be far worse than that. According to a recent Swedish study, neck pain can lead to lower life expectancy. The stakes are really high; even if it does not shorten one’s life span it can ruin their life. Yet there is so little relevant information about chronic neck pain. For example, there is a very common idea that the neck pain occurs mainly because of the abnormal cervical spine curvature. In fact this idea has become so popular that most of the doctors and therapists tend to –project this as the main cause of neck pain. But research has proved this to be a complete misleading idea. Research has shown how this concept completely over simplifies the overwhelming significance of chronic neck pain.

As with lower back pain there are a variety of options available for treating neck pain, yet the most commonly used treatments tend to overlook the effectiveness of neck massages for treating chronic neck pain. Although there are a diverse number of researches that has shown the benefits of neck massages for treating neck disorders yet this has not been properly utilized. And wherever the massage has been recommended, the duration suggested was not enough to bring in the benefits. And considering the lack of a standard protocol for evaluating massage therapy, it is not surprising that the benefits of massage therapy remain unspecific. But the latest trends are different. Chronic neck pain is getting its due as many different clinics like have come up that offer neck massages in order to relieve the patient of their pain.

Hence it is extremely essential that one selects the correct therapist for proper treatment and healing to take place. It is advisable if one visits those clinics that offer a variety of treatments and where the masseurs are certified and are aware of the latest trends so as to derive the maximum benefit.