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Necessity is the mama of invention


This morning I was invited to make a presentation at my daughters school.

I woke up at six am (which still feels like five) so I could get it together. Everything was running smoothly, until it was time to make my soy chi tea latte and leave. I could not find my travel mug and we would not have time to stop at Coffee Bean or we would run the risk of being late. So, fully aware that necessity is the Mama of invention, I made my chi and proceeded to pour it into the sippy cup I keep on hand when my two-year-old Goddaughter visits.

Thank goodness for those thick plastic handles because my morning beverage was hot. As we drove to school, my daughter was not the only one who glanced at me with an amused look. More than a few people in cars and a look-e-loo,  riding the bus did a double take. Did I care? Nope! Did my thimble full of joy help me get through my presentation with flying colors, ( I did not take the cup with me to the podium) until I could get to The Coffee Bean...sure did.

Tell me some of the ways you have had to improvise to get through your day. Leave your answers in the comment space below.