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Necessary tips for grooming your dog throughout the winter months

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Grooming is such an important aspect in the care of your dog, including the frigid winter months. You know how the weather affects you with chafed, dry and scaly skin. It may be due to the changing temperatures along with the dryness within the heating system in the home. Your dogs experience many of the same symptoms as you during the severe winter months. For good healthy skin and coat, it is important that you follow a regular winter grooming program for your dog during the severe cold season. Your local Rockford-area Petsmart and Petco as listed below or one closest to your home can provide grooming tips along with tools you can use to help your dog find relief from the elements .

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To begin with, the onset of winter is when your dog will begin shedding the summer fur which is replaced with a protective winter coat. To stimulate new healthy growth and provide for robust skin, it is imperative the coat be brushed and combed daily during the shedding season. A regular professional grooming helps to remove more of the dead skin, fur and undercoat. Keeping the coat in good groomed condition enhances for better insulation for your pet. A scruffy looking coat, not groomed regularly, can mat and attract more snow and debris, an,d if kept wet can be a breeding ground for some severe skin conditions. If you are planning to keep your dog's coat long for the winter, be prepared to comb it daily to prevent mats.

Keeping the feet in tip top shape is very important. Most dogs are not fond of wearing anything on their feet during cold snowy weather, even though we intend it for their protection. As a result, you need to be sure your dog's feet are well cared for. A professional grooming will take care of the needs of your pets feet but the first concern is to keep the nails trim. Because of the snow and ice covered areas, even if your pet goes for walks, the nails will not wear down as much as they normally would. If the nails are not at an appropriate length (not touching the floor when walking) it makes it difficult for them to keep control on ice and snow.

A grooming of the feet and pads will also keep the hair short. Fur should be removed from under the pads as well as a short length around the paws. Without the proper groomed foot, your pet will be apt to collect an excess of ice and fur on and under their feet, causing irritation and possible injury.

Continue normal grooming for your pet in the winter months will guarantee healthy skin and coat as well as proper insulation from the elements. To further protect your dog from the elements, consider a coat or sweater. If your dog allows it, boots can help to protect the feet and pads, not only from ice and snow but other things such as rock salt. With the danger of ice and snow around your dog’s potty area, be sure to use pet-safe salt for their protection. If puppy goes out “barefoot” and develops a snowball under the pads or anywhere on the fur, a little warm water on a rag will remove. Limit your dogs' outdoor time during extreme cold weather.

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If you are seeking Veterinary assistance in the Rockford area, you can check out one of these at - Rockford Vet Clinics, Bellwood Vet, Rockford Veterinarians, Perryville Veterinarian , Cat Veterinarians Specialists

For all your pets needs and accessories in the Rockford area, go to your local PETCO - 6305 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 229-0184 - Petco or your local PETSMART - 6320 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 397-7880 - Petsmart -Petland, (815) 332-4200 - Petland

For many of your pet essentials, visit your local Rockford-area CVS pharmacies. There are four convenient locations - 3134 11th Street, Rockford, IL 61109, (815)398-0048 - 110 S Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61108 - 3718 Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103, (815)877-9620 - 2454 S. Alpine Rd., Rockford, IL 61108, (815)399-5421 - CVS Pharmacy

For the grooming needs of your Chihuahua in or near the Rockford area, you can contact Sue at for further information.

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