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Nebraskans get out the shorts, keep the parkas handy...

"If you don't like the weather in Nebraska, just wait a day, it will change." Unknown

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Laurie Lorsch

Mar“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” Mark Twain

“If you’re wearing shorts and a parka at the same time you must live in Nebraska.” Jeff Foxworthy

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” Anthony J. D'Angelo

Nebraska has some of the most unpredictable weather in the country. It isn’t uncommon for it to rain, sleet, drift with snow, then a few hours later the sun is shining with temperatures in the seventies. Well, our spring is here and it’s obvious that the unpredictability has come along with it.
This last Sunday Omaha and the surrounding neighborhoods saw beautiful sunny skies, temps in the low to mid-eighties, and a slight breeze. Well, Monday saw a twenty degree cool off and by Tuesday morning temps were in the low 30’s with very blustery winds. By Wednesday morning temps were in the mid-forties and the wind had calmed its attitude.
The forecast says a chance of rain through the end of the week; however, it’s Nebraska….unpredictable, you know. The best way to plan your day if going by the weather is to just stick your head out the door and check it out.
The floods of 2011 and the drought of 2012 were devastating not only to Nebraska, but to most of the Midwest and many states near the coast. Last year, 2013, had its run of high temperatures and blistering sun, but that is par for the course here in Nebraska. We are known for having the steamiest, hottest summer weather in the Midwest United States.
It will be interesting to see what 2014 will bring Nebraskans in terms of weather. Yes, spring is here. It is time to break out the shorts and tank tops, yet you still need to keep the parka and snow boots handy. It has been known to snow on an April afternoon and be bright and sunny the next day, without a trace of snow.
Whatever the weather, Nebraskans are fortunate to live in a climate of obvious changes. We see a wide variety of weather in all seasons. As the saying goes, “there is no bad weather, only different types of good weather.” Enjoy your Spring Omaha, and get ready for the beautiful summer ahead.

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