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Nebraska Writers Guild spring conference held at Mahoney State Park

The Nebraska Writers Guild kicked off the workshop and business meeting portion of its 2010 spring conference on Sat. April 17 at the Mahoney State Park Lodge about half an hour northeast on Lincoln. on I-80.

At 8:30 a.m. NWG President Sally Walker welcomed the attendees, which numbered about half of the organization's 120 members.  She noted that many Nebraska writers belonged to national writing organizations like the Western Writers of America and the Romance Writers of America but didn't belong to the NWG. She urged members to try to recruit these writers.

"Many ask 'why should I join the Nebraska Writers Guild when I belong to a national organization?'" Walker said. "Two words: Local Networking."

Morning speakers included:

  • Texas writer Joan Upton-Hall, who spoke about self-editing strategies--how writers can make their prose more dynamic.
  • Local poet Greg Kosmicki, who provided insight into marketing poetry.
  • Christian writer Jill Hart,founder of, who spoke about how writers can use social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to create name recognition.
  • Hart also joined writers Meredith Efken and Cyndy Salzmann to discuss marketing of Christian books.

At the business meeting Walker announced the new NWG blog, to which members could contribute. The membership also voted to continue holding the spring conference at Mahoney State Park because it was less expensive than alternating between sites in Lincoln and Omaha as the NWG had in the past. The fall conference is held in the western part of the state.

After the business meeting members could choose one of three hour-and-a-half workshops:

  • "Is There a Book Doctor in the House?" with Joan Upton-Hall
  • "Get it Sold," on marketing novels, with romance writer Kim Louise
  • "How to Compile a Poetry Collection," with Greg Kosmicki

The conference adjourned at 4 p.m., after a drawing for door prizes. For more information about the NWG visit

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