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Neato Burrito healthified

When considering all options for healthy eating in Harrisburg, you don't need to rule anything out.  Even places like the infamous Neato Burrito, known for their over-sized, tortillas stuffed with gigantic portions of meat, beans, and rice.  At five locations in the Harrisburg area, you can find items on the menu suitable for just about any diet. 

Sure they've got "popular" combinations for each burrito or salad, but it's basically a build-your-own.  In fact, Neato Burrito offers zero fried foods, and is even vegetarian friendly!  With everything on their menu, except the meats of course, being vegetable based. 

You can pick and choose from eight tortilla options: flour, jalapeño cheese, spinach, herb garlic, tomato basil, chipotle chili, honey wheat, or a crisp taco salad shell.  For a lighter option, ask for a burrito bowl, which comes without a tortilla, drastically reducing calories and fat counts in your total meal.  There are three rice options: Spanish rice, barbecue rice, and brown rice.  Stick with the brown rice for whole grains that will give you sustained energy and stabilize your blood sugar, unlike that of white rice. 

Next up: protein!  Personally, I'm not a fan of choosing meats at places like these, but if you must, the chicken is probably a better option than the buffalo roast.  I would nix the meat and pile on the black beans!  They're a great protein source and add a significant amount of iron and fiber to your meal, not to mention flavor!  They offer refried beans as well, but most likely they contain a significant amount of fat and calories.  Need some sour cream?  They've got non-fat!  Top off your burrito bowl with lettuce, cucumber, jalapeños and one of their freshly made salsas and you've got yourself a well balanced meal! 

Although there are healthy options at Neato Burrito, make a mental note that their portions are enormous.  They take pride in their burritos being "well over 1 lb. of goodness".  Remember that when downing your meal!

Even more appealing?  They've got a fax sheet that you can send your order in so that it is ready and waiting for you to pick it up!

For more information:

Harrisburg Locations:

209 N. 2nd St., (717) 232-7467

3370 Paxton St., (717) 564-7875


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