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Nearly 1,300 pets served thanks to local clinics during 9PetCheck

Chihuahua receiving a wellness exam during 9PetCheck at 9News
Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, 9News, and local veterinary clinics partnered for the 5th annual 9PetCheck. Nearly 80 clinics across the state provided wellness exams and rabies vaccinations to almost 1,300 dogs and cats belonging to disadvantaged pet owners during the event on April 5 and 6.

Common concerns found in pets that received exams through 9PetCheck were dental disease, weight issues, and eye problems. Some veterinarians found other issues, such as heart murmurs, infections, and masses, which could be potentially fatal if they had continued to go unnoticed.

One client wrote in an email, “My wife and I were concerned about our Husky drinking a lot of water lately so we thought she could have diabetes. [The veterinarian] took her in the back to run another test on her and found out she doesn't have diabetes -- it was a urinary tract infection. She gave us antibiotics and some chew treats for her teeth.”

There was an overwhelmingly positive response from pet owners about the care that their pets received. Many clients vocalized their appreciation during appointments, while others sent emails expressing their gratitude.

Unfortunately, not all pet owners in need are able to receive care for their four-legged friends through 9PetCheck. Based on a census of pet owners in Denver and the poverty level in Colorado, it is estimated that at least 32,600 pet-owning households may be living below the poverty line in the metro area.

Pet owners that were not able to receive care through 9PetCheck in 2014 can contact PetAid Animal Hospital, a non-profit animal hospital that provides subsidized care for income-qualified pet owners, at 303.722.5800 or visit for more information and to see if they are eligible for discounted services

Thank you to Simple Signal for sponsoring the 9PetCheck phone bank on March 31 and to Merial for donating the rabies vaccinations for this event.

Thank you to all the clinics that donated their time, staff, and resources to participate in 9PetCheck 2014!

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