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Nearly 1/2 million raised for Ferguson officer's legal fees in Michael Brown

Well, this makes a lot of sense-- Not! So, Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department who has been accused of executing Michael Brown has raised nearly $430,000 to help pay his legal fees. According to KMOV-News, the fundraising website has been since taken down due to legal issues surrounding the funding. They should take that money and divide it up between the business owners in Ferguson who have lost thousands of dollars in merchandise, not to mention the burning down of the local Quick Trip Gas Station. Besides, whether or not Officer Wilson is found guilty or innocent, he will likely be left penniless after the family of Michael Brown will no doubt file a civil suit against the officer and the police department. OJ Simpson was found not guilty criminally but later lost civilly which resulted in millions of dollars paid to the victim's families.

Apparently, about $197,000 was donated by a charitable organization and now there could be potential tax violations which is why the website and funds were frozen at this time.

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