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Nearing Summer Solstice in the North/Winter Solstice in the South

Moon over Argentina
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Kazuo Ishiguro writes of turning points, in The Remains of the Day,
“There was surely nothing to indicate at the time that such evidently
small incidents would render whole dreams forever irredemable.“ A
good argument for treating all of life as sacred, and each moment
as a piece of the Eternal Presence before us.

Journalist, Max Lerner (1902-1992) said, “The turning point in the
process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength
within you that survives all hurt.”
I start this article about this week’s astrological trends with
comments about turning points because very often we have
experiences which seem insignificant or minor, that end up having a
huge impact on our lives and decisions. Those of us who look to
find meaning, in part, through better understanding the effects our
place in the Universe has on us, are among those who seek to
understand life through symbols, faith, science, reason, and
spiritual truths.

We continually look for the reasons why, the
purpose of, and the meaning of life through our experiences and
understanding of the world and our journey through life. Turning
points are aspects of life, that when identified, are usually seen in
retrospect—we figure out what happened in the past and begin to
understand how an event or crisis helped change us.

Astrological knowledge can be useful for interpreting what
happened in the past, but it can also be helpful for enabling us to
determine what we are going through at any given period of time
(this week, this season, this year, this time in our life). When we
come to understand that some of the phases that we go through in
life are linked to patterns, we may be able to use this information to
help us both understand what is happening and make our choices
more deliberately and wisely. This week we have some passage
points coming up. Mercury in retrograde in Cancer is re-entering
Gemini, Neptune will station to go retrograde in Pisces and the
Summer Solstice will be ushered in when the Sun moves into Cancer.
Both these changes take place in water signs, opening the portals to
the depths of the unconscious, mystical, and hidden realms of our

From June 13-14, Mars in Libra’s opposition to Uranus in Aries
created some heavy energies that led to violence, hostilities, and
challenging and explosive actions, events, and decisions. Behind
this explosive aspect those who clung to their own determiniation,
flexed their muscles, or acted according to the power of their own
will or willfullness, let loose with destructive and dangerous energy.
We saw this acted out on the world stage, and within our own
personal lives, we probably had to face some serious energy drains
or disruptions. Whatever was started, initiated, launched, or created
at the last New Moon, will require one last big push from this
weekend’s difficult beginning through June 25. What may have come
up over the weekend has shown you what needs to be addressed
between now and the 25th. We’re nearly at the end of this cycle, and
you will be required to carry a heavy load until then, but you can
accomplish what you desire, if you stick to it.

The Sun is entering the last 6 days of its journey through Gemini—
the 3rd decan, the Aquarius decante. The third decan ushers in the
week of the seeker. Ruled by Saturn, this decan is marked by
concern and need for direction. Saturn’s influence calls for learning,
guidance, and constructive training for ethical and soul
development. An intellectual and solid base in knowledge, helps
provide the necessary grounding for discernment and life choices.
We also are more aware of our need for repsonsible and wise
decision making, and for meeting our obligations and
responsibilities. To avoid the cold, stern, and unloving shadow side
of Saturn, we seek and acquire knowledge in order to form a firm
foundation for living a loving and generous life—not to use our
knowledge to abuse or manipulate others.

Also under the influence of Uranus, this week can usher in some
interesting events, experiences, and observations as well as sudden
and unexpected social encounters. The week should be more social
han usual, and since it is also the decan that is leading us from one
season to the next, we will find ourselves releasing and letting go of
whatever we do not need and opening ourselves to the blessings
that are falling upon us.

As the week begins, the Sun is in 24/26 degrees of Gemini, the
Moon is finishing its journey through Capricorn, and Mercury is at
0/56 Cancer (less than a day away from its return to Gemini). Venus
is in 20/38 degrees of Taurus, and Mars is at 13/14 degrees of
Libra. Jupiter is at 23/19 Cancer, Saturn is at 17/36 Scorpio, in its
retrograde phase, and Uranus is at 15/58, now more than halfway
through its transit of Aries. Neptune at 7/35 degrees of Pisces,
retrograde, and Pluto at 12/44 Capricorn, also retrograde are both
stirring up both inner and outer turmoil and crises that need
continued reflection, discernment, and adjustments. The North
Node at 26/39 Libra retrograde, is the point in our chart/lives where
we notice how decisions, movement and changes are still affecting
us, and what, if anything, might need to be adjusted, noticed, or
reconsidered. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, continues its transit in

Sunday, June 15. After a somewhat rocky week’s end, main transits
and aspects have to do with the Moon. The Moon in Capricorn riding
on the wake of the Full Moon in Sagittarius earlier in the week, has
us looking for grounding. We may have needed more sleep over the
weekend, due to some heavy aspects Friday and Saturday. Most of
what is affecting us today is emotional. The Moon forms a semisquare
with Neptune, and an oppostion to Jupiter. The former could
make for some edgy dreams or feelings, and the latter could trigger
a release of good feelings. The Moon also forms a semi-square to
Chiron later in the day, and this may find us feeling wistful as we
long for closer and deeper connections.

Monday begins with the Moon in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra. This
equates to promising and hopeful thoughts and plans regarding all
this relational and connected to our ideals and ideas about art,
beauty, love, and fulfillment. The Moon in Aquarius also forms a
seisquiquadrant to Mercury making communication of ideas less
than ideal or clear. We may find that what we feel, believe, hope,
and envision are best kept to ourselves. Think of your ideas as eggs
needing to be kept in the nest. Be the hen that broods over your
eggs—letting ideas, projects, plans, and dreams go through the
process of developing, growing, and coming into fullness in the
dark, depths of your inner being. Sometimes it is best to keep your
own counsel, especially regarding those dreams or plans that you
hold dear. Allow some things to grow in the private garden of your
heart, mind, and soul. If you must express something, do so in a
creative, artistic, tactile manner. Hold your words and sharing of
ideas in for a while. Let things come to fullness in the next season.

A late-day/night square between the Moon and Saturn, could find
you feeling blue, sad, or upset because of something that seems to
be blocked. A lesson is often hardest to understand just before we
are awakened to the truth. Trust that you will get what you need at
the perfect time in the perfect way. Write down concerns, and put
them in a God Jar, on a list, or as a gripe in a journal, but for
heaven’s sake, let those gloomy thoughts go before you get to bed.

From June 15-16, the North Node in Libra (retrograde) trines the
Sun in Gemini. This is a time when we feel the favorable results or
gifts of choices we made last Autumn. Also a time when we can
reconsider our decisions, and receive news, results, or blessings
from choices we made whenever this area of our chart/lives were

Tuesday, June 17. Mercury re-enters Gemini where it will stay until
July. This may be a good time, as retrograde times can be, for
rethinking, reconfiguring, or reshaping our plans and ideas for
future projects, events, decisions, or other plans.

Tuesday/Wednesday, June 17-18. Venus in Taurus forms a sextile
to Jupiter in Cancer. This friendly aspect between the planet of love,
beauty, and peace and the planet of abundance and good fortune, is
like a blessing after a long, difficult trial. Take some time to enjoy
what is before you. Connect to whatever brings you peace and
makes you feel at home. We feel something of a very tangible value
today, and may need to slow down, become more mindful and
present so that we can fully embrace the gifts of the present.

Thursday-Saturday, June 19-21. Mercury in Gemini conjuncts the
Sun. This aspect is very much like a new moon—a time to set
intentions, begin new adventures, and set your sites on making your
dreams reality. Time to expand your mind, broaden your thinking,
and allow your soul to grow. The soul grows of its own accord, but
sometimes our negative thinking, behavior, or habits can block our
own understanding and realizations. Get out of your own way, and
pay attention to those intuitive flickers, symbols and signs, and
golden opportunities.

Mercury’s return to Gemini opens a time when you may find it easier
to be more logical and objective in how you analyze, observe, or
understand your connections, especially to whatever is still alive
from the past. This is an auspicious time to give or receive notes,
make contact, or reconnect with those from the past. We may also
rediscover some valuable ideas, plans, or creations.
Chiron in Pisces at 17/44 degrees at the end of the week,
accentuates healingm catalytic movemet, maverick ideas, and
shaman-oriented qualitiess.

Listen to the inner guidance and watch
for Divine inspiration from those who walk the walk of their talk;
avoid the ones who put on the robes and try to impress you of their
power. The power of the Divine is within you; guides show you the
way, they don’t perform tricks to turn on the light of knowledge,
truth, or love. We all need guidance; however, we also all need a
special relationship with the Spirit that transcends our own
understanding. However you seek that connection, this is a time to
be open to what Light is shining within and around you.

The Summer Solstice happens when the Sun enters Cancer on
Saturday, June 21. The Winter Solstice occurs in the Southern
hemisphere on the same day. A turning point between Spring and
Summer in the North, and between Autumn and Winter in the South,
it is a time when we slow down a bit to meet the seasonal changes.
In the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest hours of
daylight, and we enter fully into the summer season. When the
Earth’s North Pole is pointed directly at the Sun, people to the far
North will see the Sun out all day and night. In Toronto, Canada, for
example, the Sun will be out for 15 hours and 26 minutes. In
Vancourver, the Sun will be out for 16 hours and 15 minutes. In
Alert, Nunavut, the most northern settlement, the Sun will be out all
day and night. In the Northern countries like Norway, Sweden,
Denmark, and Finnland, this day is celebrated as Midsummer’s Eve.
It is a time, like New Year’s, when everyone cleans the house, and
prepares the house by decorating with flowers to welcome the new
season. There are midsummer festivals all over, and it seems like a
wonderful way to welcome in the Summer.

As we come to the end of Spring and the start of Summer, pause at
the threshold of the changes that are behind and before you, and
give yourself some time to enjoy who and what you are now. Find
contentment with knowing that what we experienced as being in the
right place, at the right time, on the right path at the New Moon, is
now bringing us to the doorway to the future with a greater sense of
purpose, presence, and peace. Pick a bouquet of flowers, dance a
little or a lot, and celebrate LIFE…for it is what we came here to do
and be.

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