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Near-naked man in underwear statue: Conjures 'fear' in some sheltered students?

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A man in his undies is causing a stir at a Massachusetts college today and although the man is only a statue, it is so life-like you wouldn't know it. The eerie looking sculpture of a man is so realistic you have to touch it to make sure it isn't a live person.

The man, clad in nothing but white skivvies, is erected by a road and the cars are slowing down to take a second look at him. The sculptured man looks like he is walking ankle-high in snow with his eyes closed and arms stretched out. He does look as if he is sleep walking, which is the name of the work of art. This "Sleep Walking" statue is very realistic suggests the folks at Fox News live on Thursday Feb. 6.

"Sleepwalking" is the work of artist Tony Matelli as part of the college's Davis Museum exhibit, according to Fox News. It has a eerie similarity to one of "The Walking Dead" zombies if it just had a bit of decomposing flesh! It is an exquisite work of art and the artist captured the human form to perfection.

While some of the students at Wellesley College are uncomfortable with the way the statue looks, the president of this women's college said that it "is all part of the intellectual process."

A petition going around with 300 signatures so far conveys that this statue is causing fear and it's a source of apprehension. The petition goes as far as to state that it is" triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault." This petition seems to provide evidence that some students that attend this college have lived very sheltered lives so far.

The petition wants the artwork removed. It was brought to President H. Kim Bottomly attention. This is what art is all about, it conjures feelings and thoughts in people.

Good art also starts conversations and this sculpture has started one that's gone nationwide. It is not like this sleepwalker has masking tape and rope with it like it is on the prowl on a campus college to attack someone. If it was a sleepwalking woman would the students feel the same?

In today's world with all that is going on out there, is a sculpture really conjuring up feelings of fear so painful that they want this statue removed? These seems like the people complaining are very sheltered folks!