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Near Death Experiencer Carol Ritberger: Medical Intuitive and Author


In 1981, however, her life was dramatically changed when in the middle of the night she was awakened by a voice telling her to go to the hospital immediately.Alone, she somehow managed to drive herself to the hospital and upon arriving there she began to suffer seizures. After having several seizures and being terribly frightened, she suddenly found herself looking down at her inert body. She heard the hospital personnel yelling that they were losing her.

Ritberger soon found herself in a place of peace, calm and fearlessness, surrounded by three balls of light ('souls' ), that remained with her. She was taught much about life and she didn't want to come back. The peacefulness was wonderful and she was enjoying it.

Suddenly, she was back in the hospital room begging the nurses to turn off the lights...she was unable to see. There were no lights on but she was told she would be fine.It was not too long after this experience that Carol began to have strange experiences. She would see auras around people, and could tell from the auras if the person was happy or distressed.

Carol began studying the paranormal and became a medical intuitive. She was able to diagnose problems after once seeing the person. This has led top a successful career as a medical intuitive. Carol says that many malfunctions and illnesses can be prevented. "Spirit is the greatest component in dealing with challenges and struggles in this life."







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