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Near Death Experience

Green Anole
Green Anole
Lynn Quire

Ever have that heart-stopping experience where you’re scared to death something is seriously wrong, find out it isn’t, and then have to carry on as if all is normal?? Well, I’m trying to do that right now.

This morning my daughter, the proud owner of an anole (small lizard), came to me and said Rocky had turned brown and wasn’t moving. Her eyes were huge and she was trying so hard not to cry, and it just broke my heart. We’ve had the lizard for over a year, and known his time was coming. He has a heat lamp, but even so, anoles are designed for the tropics, not Colorado winters.

I went to check on him, and he was brown instead of the usual healthy green. However, he was clinging to the side of his plant, and I didn’t think a dead lizard would be able to cling to anything. I squirted him w. the spray bottle, and he moved!! His previous life-less appearance must have been because the cat was napping on top of the tank.

The whole experience got me thinking: admittedly Rocky is not my favorite pet in the house, but he does no harm and my child loves him dearly. He is her first ‘very own’ pet, and she will be devastated when his final day truly arrives. However, I’ve gained an appreciation of him and what he means to her. I am so grateful for the holiday gift that his final day wasn’t today!