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NeNe Leakes allegedly fired from BravoTV real housewives of Atlanta

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Since the airing of part 3 of the reunion a week ago the rumor mill has been buzzing. Has Ms. Lenethia Leakes aka NeNe finally crossed the line with her boss Andy Cohen, the brainchild behind Bravo TV’s success?

Maybe it was the snarky, neck moving, crack-slick “What? You want me to pull your pants down and kiss you’re a$$?” comment that finally pushed Cohen over the edge.

However, rumor has it that she has gotten the boot from the number 1 Housewives Franchise out of all – the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Has he finally wised up and made her realize that he is the HMIC?

This is what happens when people believe their own press. We knew that eventually this would happen. One cannot go from abject obscurity to the spotlights of TinselTown without hubris coming into play. She may be one of the most popular house wife of the entire franchise, but apparently popularity may not save her.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the rumors pan out!

Saundra aka SassyScribe