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'NCIS': Will Tony DiNozzo move on from Ziva and find new love?

Will Tony find love after Ziva?
Will Tony find love after Ziva?
Photo by Christopher Polk

"NCIS" is getting ready for episode 250 on CBS, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on what is next for the love life of Tony DiNozzo, who us played by Michael Weatherly on the series. On Feb. 13, Enstarz shared new comments made by Gary Glasberg about the series, and his comments focus in on the romantic life of Tony.

DiNozzo was dealt a blow when Ziva left the series at the start of the season. Will he be able to move on and start a new relationship? Glasberg teased the following:

I don't think his next relationship is going to happen anytime soon. Part of letting Tony be Tony and letting him be flirtatious and talk to women is that these women don't really matter. They're quick encounters that he's having; it's not Ziva. They're not ones that count. Eventually, will there be another [great love]? Maybe.

Glasberg also teased that the return of Ziva is not out of the question, but her return would have to be 'organic' for the series. It is not something that will be forced. Cote de Pablo teased her departure just days before production on season 11 began. Her departure was handled during the second episode this season.

What do you think? Do you want Tony to find someone new? Or do you want to see the return of Ziva?

"NCIS" will air its next episode on CBS on Feb. 18.

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