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‘NCIS’ tribute to Ralph Waite on season finale: Will Ziva David pay respects?

The NCIS cast at the 2013 upfronts
The NCIS cast at the 2013 upfronts
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The “NCIS” season finale has a memorial to remember on Tuesday night. Fans will watch as the characters of the team come together to say goodbye to Agent Gibb’s father for a final time. As many fans agree, this will be one of the most emotional moments of the show history. According to the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday, the season will end on an emotional note instead of the typical suspenseful note as seen in other seasons.

While the news of Gibbs’ dad is sad, the team is also responsible for investigating another incident. A fire on a U.S. Navy ship, which also served as a detention site for terrorists who had been indicted, looks suspicious and "NCIS" needs to determine if it was accidental or an intentional diversion for prisoner escape

There are a few people wondering if Cote de Pablo will return for this memorial for Agent Gibbs’ dad. As fans remember Sasha Alexander, who had played Kate can’t return as she was killed, but Cote de Pablo, who had played Ziva David, left in a different manner. With a possibility to see if she ever returns, there is a slim chance the character might be part of the team again and the finale would be a perfect time for her to show up. However, it is extremely unlikely as that would pull away from the tribute to Ralph Waite.

According to TV Buddy on Tuesday, fans are still wondering if Agent Bishop is a good fit for the team as she doesn't have the same qualities as Ziva David did and her personality is a bit to be desired. As the new agent has been on the job for almost a season she still hasn't convinced the majority of the viewers to like her after Ziva David left, there are many fans wondering why she is still sticking around.

“NCIS” pays final respects to Ralph Waite on the season finale airing Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET.