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'NCIS' spoilers: Gibbs second ex-wife to finally be unveiled

NCIS spoilers: Gibbs second ex-wife to be introduced
NCIS spoilers: Gibbs second ex-wife to be introduced
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Fans of "NCIS" have followed Gibbs and his agents for 11 years now, but there is one character they have never gotten the chance to meet and TV Line reported on Jan. 17 that the character of Gibbs' second ex-wife will finally appear for the first time in Season 12.

Gibbs has been married four times and fans have gotten to know three of the wives. Of course, the first wife was Shannon and the death of her and Gibbs' daughter played a large part in developing his character over the years.

When Gibbs finally found vengeance for their death, it was one of the biggest story lines in the show's history.

Gibbs second wife was Diane, who was also married to the FBI's Agent Fornell, leading to some humorous moments between the two law enforcement officers. Gibbs fourth wife was Stephanie, and played a role in various episodes over the years before her and Gibbs finally reconciled as friends in Season 5.

However, along the way there was the mysterious ex-wife between Diane and Stephanie, another red head, but not one that has ever been introduced on the show. Showrunner Gary Glasberg said that this ex-wife will be introduced in the 12th season of the show and he promises that the moment will be "storyline gold."

Questions about whether or not Mark Harmon's real wife Pam Dawber will play the ex-wife was shaken off by Glasberg.

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