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‘NCIS’ Spoilers: Agent DiNozzo investigated, Robert Wagner in 250th episode

The NCIS spoilers for March 4, has fans celebrating a big milestone for the CBS drama. While new episodes can be seen on CBS, the special agents and all the murders seen again on cable too. With all the crime solving, it is not too surprising that the 250th episode is on Tuesday. According to The Atlantic on Monday, the show gets no respect outside of the fan base but still draws in solid numbers every week.

The 250th episode called “Dressed to Kill” offers another famous face with Robert Wagner in the mix. Returning as Agent DeNozzo’s dad, the situation gets tricky as father and son aren’t on the best of terms because of the past.

When DiNozzo confronts a man impersonating a Navy officer, guns are drawn with the perpetrator is left dead. With more questions than answers the team is wondering what exactly happened. The subsequent investigation uncovers that the only eyewitness is DiNozzo’s father. It’s a shock, but the older man is in town to disclose a secret to his son yet he puts his job in jeopardy by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Dressed to Kill” the 250th episode of “NCIS” is on Tuesday, March 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET on the CBS

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